Monday, September 11, 2017


The concept of identity politics is evoking current controversy. Yet the time-frame of the current discussion is foreshortened.  In my youth the concept of identity was unitary. Barring mental disturbance, such as the so-called multiple personality disorder, one had only one identity, one alone and it was a personal possession. 

Conversely, some Buddhists hold that there is no such thing as a stable identity, for all is flux. 

Now, for a half century or so, we have settled for an intermediate notion of a bundle of identities. It used to be said that there were master identities - in my case, being gay, with other lesser ones in tow. But now it is thought that, we can be host to a basket of autonomous identities. That way the demon of intersectionality lies. 

Yet the arrow of time cannot be reversed.